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Annual Progress Report 2019

Introducing SAFIN: Brochure 2018


Newsletter Issue 9

Newsletter Issue 6


Investment Prospectuses

Investment Brief: Coconut value chains in the Dominican Republic

Investment Prospectus for maize, soybean and cassava value chains in Nigeria

Scoping Analysis: Investment opportunities in five value chains in India

Análisis Exploratorio: Oportunidades de inversión en café, cacao y lácteos en Colombia


Learning Resources

Workshop report: Mobilizing private capital towards Agri-SMEs: Experiences from Africa

Workshop report: Mobilizing capital towards Agri-SMEs : Experiences from Asia

Working paper: Landscape report on blended finance for agriculture

Webinar report: Fintechs and Financial Inclusion

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Unsung heroes: How small farmers cope with COVID-19


The MSME Voice: Growing South Africa’s Small Business Sector


COVID-19 Emergency Briefing Series

ISFAdvisors | RAF Learning Lab | Feed the Future

2020 - Global Report on Food Crises


Finance Pathways for Serving the Missing Middles

Small Foundation

Five Years of Market Development in Benin, Senegal and Zambia

UNCDF | Mastercard Foundation

Global Food Policy Report 2020: Building Inclusive Food Systems


Impact of COVID-19 on Food Security and Nutrition


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