Grow Asia launches US$ 20.2M funds for sustainable agricultural transformation in Southeast Asia.

  • Grow Asia has launched four multi-donor impact funds totalling USD20.2M to promote sustainable and inclusive practices in the food, agriculture, and forestry sector in Southeast Asia.

  • The four funds will invest in programs that drive agri-food innovation (GrowVentures), women’s economic empowerment (GrowHer), responsible investment (GrowRight), and climate change adaptation and resilience (GrowBeyond).

  • The funds were launched at the Grow Asia Forum 2022 – Grow Asia’s annual leadership conference hosted with the World Economic Forum.

Singapore – 18 October 2022: Grow Asia - a non-profit established by the World Economic Forum and the ASEAN Secretariat to build partnerships for more inclusive, resilient, and sustainable food systems - launched four impact funds today which will channel more than USD 20M over the next three years into strengthening Southeast Asia’s food, agriculture, and forestry sectors. The funds will invest in capacity-building programs that promote (1) agri-food innovation, (2) women’s economic empowerment, (3) responsible investing, and (4) climate change adaptation and resilience. Launched at the Grow Asia Forum on 18 October, Grow Asia’s annual conference which convenes senior leaders from government, business, and civil society, the funds serve as a co-matching mechanism between public sector funding and private sector investments.