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Hosted at the International Fund for Agricultural Development

Via Paolo di Dono, 44, 00142 Rome, Italy

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Upcoming events

2020 Private Finance for Development Conference

Paris, France

Hosted by: OECD

Asia - Africa Financial Inclusion Summit

Dubai, UAE

Co-hosted by: The Microfinance Association | Financial Inclusion Advocacy Centre

Seventh global meeting of the Global Farmers’ Forum

Rome, Italy

Hosted by: IFAD

Forum on Financing for Development follow up

New York, USA

Hosted by: ECOSOC

Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship

Oxford, England

Hosted by: University of Oxford

Sustainable Development Goals Investment Fair

New York, USA

Hosted by: ECOSOC

Past events

Consultation meeting : Investment Prospectus in India

New Delhi, India

Hosted by: SAFIN

Committee on World Food Security

Rome, Italy

Co-hosted by: IFAD | WFP | FAO

6th World Congress on Rural and Agricultural Finance

New Delhi, India


Regional Workshop : Blended Finance & Agriculture

Bangkok, Thailand

Co-ogranized by: SAFIN | OECD | APRACA

Validation Workshop: Investment Prospectus in Nigeria

Abuja, Nigeria

Hosted by: SAFIN

SDG Finance Geneva Summit

Geneva, Switzerland

Hosted by: UNDP